Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another one blog? What for?

Hi all!

I decided to start my first blog. At long last!:) To be honest the idea of my own blog was nurtured by me quite a long time. Do you have a feeling sometimes that you know something that can be interested and useful not only for you? Yeah, that is exactly what I'm talking about.

But every time when I was considering on start blogging, I was afraid that I'll get bored with it too fast and that is why to loose time for nothing. I am still afraid, but anyway the decision is here!)

And who am I actually?) My name is Dmytro Dzyuma, I'm living, studying and working in my native country which name is Ukraine. I can point its location on the map if you have troubles with geography:)

What will be this blog about? Anything that will be interesting for me and I'll think that it will be interesting to someone else. Something about .NET, something about Java, something about something else)

This blog will be in English, even if this is not my first language as you may probably notice:). The reason is simple - this is the language that is one of the most common all over the world and this is the language of IT. I was considering of making Ukrainian versions for all posts, but... I'm not sure if it really needed right now, maybe later will, I don't know.

The last thing. Don't get accustomed to present blog design and layout, I'm going to play with it some time)

So let's start!:)


  1. Hey, DixonD!

    My congratulations on having your blog.

    Accordingly to latest community movements I can ensure you that blog will pay off!

    Even more: to be successful developer you need to express yourself and blog is one of such opportunities.

    Rock on, man!

  2. Thanks, I'll try! You will be proud to be my first follower, ha-ha!:))

  3. Yes, your thinking is similar to my thinking. I wish you good luck. Thanks any way for posting this blog and sharing it with us.