Thursday, September 9, 2010

More about 70-536 exam

As I wrote in previous post I passed Microsoft exam 70-536. Now I want to share some additional thoughts and tips about it.

So, how to prepare to it? First of all I think you should start with corresponding Self-Paced Training Kit provided by Microsoft Press. Be sure to own the second edition and check the errata when reading. It can be good starting point but actually it is not required to read this book. Why? Because it is not enough to read it.

Regardless whether you read book or not the MSDN Library is the best resource ever. Yes, for some topics it still lacks the information but it is rather the exception from the rule. It is good to check objectives of the exam and put all links to needed MSDN articles to some spreadsheet. It will be your checklist and helper in learning. Thanks for this idea to Niall Merrigan whose Excel file I used as the base of mine. I imported it to Google Docs and significantly updated it when studying. If you'll find it useful you can access it here.

What else? Use practice tests. You can find quite lot of them in the free access on the Web. As for me I used it to check what fields of exam objectives I'm bad in. And then I studied or refreshed about it with help of my checklist.

Actually it is all about the way I used to prepare. Last tip - be sure to pay attention to details. Like that GZipStream uses format which includes a cyclic redundancy check value in opposite to DeflateStream. I can provide more examples but I'm sure that you got the whole point.

As for exam I finished it for an hour instead of provided pure two and half hours for answering the questions. Some questions I didn't know for sure but I don't think that I could answer it correctly if I've meditated on it for more time. As I understood for one question I even changed answer to incorrect one, still it didn't matter actually.

I still have voucher for another one exam, but I'm not sure which to choose. I want to pass all of them!:)


  1. Congratulations!
    How much time spent on training (in hours)?

  2. Hard to say. It is quite difficult to estimate amount of hours spent on learning for the exam, because my learning was fairly casual. I think it is enough to spend about a month from scratch if you are considering learning on evenings. But actually it depends very much on your previous experience and memorizing skills :)