Monday, October 4, 2010

Brainbench Paper Certificate

Few months ago I heard for the first time about Brainbench online exams from friend of mine. So just for fun I tried to pass one of them which was free of charge at that time (I don't know if it is now). It was C# exam and I passed it with score 4.02 and it was enough to earn "Master" level by Brainbench gradation. Actually it was not too really hard. It is allowed by rules that you can use Internet resources during exam and it helps actually if you know where to search;)
In order to get any satisfaction from this achievement, I ordered paper certificate so that I can put it into the frame and hang on the wall when I'll have my own apartment:) Here it is how it looks like:

It looks not very astonishing especially after my local post service:) Maybe if the big red label "FRAGILE: DO NOT BEND" was wrote in Ukrainian, it could help. But I'm not really sure on this matter...

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