Saturday, October 2, 2010

English schools in Lviv

Oh, it has been almost a month since I wrote last blog post. It happens - you have many things during the day (work, university etc) and in the evening when you come home then you do not want to do anything. So promised post about English schools failed to appear "in the next days" as I wrote:) Let's try to fix this)

If you are the constant reader of my blog (one of the few of them) then you should already know that about a month ago I decided to start improving my English in some of the available schools in Lviv, the city where I live now. So I made quick search through the web and marked locations of found English courses using Google Maps. If it is useful for you, you could find this map here. Of course, this map is not full and there is other schools and private tutors as well - you are welcome to improve it.

As for me the main criterion for selecting the schools was the distance from my work in order to spend less time for traveling. Therefore I chose between two schools - International House and American English School. Both schools seem to be good so I think that you will be not wrong if you'll chose any of them. But my other requirement was the possibility to study in the morning or afternoon so that it will not interfere with the classes at the university. At International House I was told that morning classes will be in that case if they will get enough students. Hm, I didn't like the idea to pay for entrance test when I don't even know if it will be possible for me to study in time that they chose. So I enrolled in the American English School.

As yet I'm satisfied with the English classes. We are only 4 students in the group, so the teacher can devote enough attention to each of us. We teach grammar, some vocabulary, talk about different things. As part of homework we read English authentic literature, and then we discuss it in the class.

So I have some practice speaking English, and it makes me very happy:) But this is still not enough for me. Actually we have also speaking club at school on Saturdays but I usually cannot visit it. Do you know other ways to practice speaking English in non English speaking country? Did someone have the experience of using sites like Any comments will be appreciated.

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  1. Contact me directly Dr. Luigi Schiavo a native-English speaker living in Lviv at for some advice.