Monday, December 13, 2010

Mr. Free Time, could you visit me more often?:)

More than two months... More than two months I haven't written to blog. Studies, work, different things - that's all that makes my free time close to non-existent.

Other cause why I didn't write to blog is laziness. Don't let it get you! At first you think something like "OK, I'm too tired today, maybe I'll do it tomorrow", later on you think "OK, it's a busy week, I think I can do it at the weekend". When weekend comes you think that you are very tired and you should relax on the weekend. Familiar situation?:)

But now I'm back) I hope that I'll manage to write more often in the coming days. About different things - studies, programming languages, ideas. I'm here, I'm still alive and with working brain:) Look for my next posts.


  1. I one of the recommendations for bloggers I read, that blogger shouldn't apologize for not writing often :)

  2. And I haven't done it, have I?:) The purpose of this post is to show that I'm still here)