Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011: didn't pass as well

Yesterday Google announced accepted student proposals of Google Summer of Code. To be honest I had a hope to pass at least on one of my applications, but unfortunately I both of them were unsuccessful. What I don't like in such selections that I don't have any feedback to know what's wrong with my skills actually:)

What's is your opinion? Should you ask for feedback every time when you don't pass some interview/selection process etc? Please, share you thoughts in comments:)

And some stats. As someone wrote in GSoC IRC channel there were ~5.7 thousands of applications from ~ 3.2 thousands students. And as you probable now 1,116 students passed to coding phase. Not too large rivalry, I think - approximately only three people for one ticket. So I can make conclusion that either I haven't made good choice of projects that meet my qualification (I tried to get Python ones even I haven't too much experience on it), or my qualification weren't just enough to apply to global program of such level:) Well, no luck here and I should just move on.

BTW I discovered that my Microsoft Certification Pack voucher expired on June 30, 2011, so I should take any MS exam by that date in order not to loose my precious money:) Seeking advice from my friend I'll take ASP.NET exam most probably. So if I don't pass this exam, he will be responsible for that :) Just kidding :)


  1. How long duration of certificates from MS?

  2. Sory, I was wrong:
    certificate != Certification Pack.

  3. Well, as far as I remember most of MS certificates have expiration date as well. And it seems to me it is about three years after the exam take