Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blog resurrection

Hi my dear readers!

Are you ready for one more try to recover my blog?:)  So first of all I think I should briefly describe what happened in my professional life in the last year when I was too lazy to blog. And then I'll note what topics will arise in my blog now because I'm sure that you'll see some changes:)

After that time when I wrote my last post in this blog I've changed a job. Twice:) First time, I changed it to another IT company in my city Lviv just to try something new and to learn that new stuff. And I think I accomplished that goal. Also it was good opportunity to work in very good and collaborative team. Guys, you rock! Especially, in team building! :) Nice times, I'll always remember them.

And I recently I've changed my job once more. Why, you'll probably ask. Well, because I will do something different that I used to do before. I'd say, very different. This time I will not work as software engineer. I will work as researcher. As novice researcher:) To be more precise, Early Stage Researcher. And I'll work in the computer science field and specifically in the distributed computing field. If you want to know more, please, refer to our project's page: TransForm.

While that last job change was a significant change in my life because of totally different kind of work I'll do, another reason why it was so significant is that I moved to another country quite far from my home.So if you can read Ukrainian, you may find interesting another blog that I contribute to - Українці на Криті. It contains impressions and feelings of me and my wife when we moved to the beautiful Crete island. 

So I think following posts will be less related to pure programming topics like my previous posts. But I hope that you'll find here other interesting stuff related to the computer science and specifically to the field of my research. Briefly speaking I'll put here everything what I'll find interesting for me. So stay tuned! And wish me to not be so lazy as I was in the last year:)